Insurance for Business Professionals

Whether you’re an IT consultant, accountant, estate agent or marketing guru, we’ll take care of your insurance so you can sleep soundly knowing your livelihood is protected.

Why do business professionals need insurance?

It’s not everyone’s first thought when it comes to the professional sector, but if you are in any occupation that provides advice or a service, you face a real threat from claims that could spell disaster for your business.

In any profession, unintentional errors can – and do – happen. It could be a breach of confidentiality, publishing incorrect information or giving the wrong advice. If that error leads to a legal claim, you could face substantial costs which might result in severe disruption for your business or even bankruptcy.

It's important to have the right professional insurance cover, to protect your business and its reputation from such an ordeal. Our insurance advisors will find you a tailored policy to suit your specific business needs.

What insurance do business professionals commonly need?

Professional Indemnity

Do you provide advice or services around a recognised discipline? You could be a personal trainer, tax accountant or anything in between. Whatever your profession is, Professional Indemnity Insurance is a necessity.

A simple mistake or error in judgement could cause disaster for the business you have put blood, sweat and tears into creating. If a client believes they have experienced financial loss, personal injury or property damage due to incorrect professional advice or services, they could claim compensation.

Public Liability Insurance

In most professions that provide advice or a service, regular face to face contact will be made with members of the public. That may be through customers visiting your business premises, or if your work involves going to see your clients at their property.

This interaction puts you at risk from potential claims if someone injures themselves or has property damaged in connection to your business activities. Public Liability Insurance is the sure-fire way to reduce your risk of liability and cover your business from possible financial ruin. 

Workers Compensation

Are you a business professional managing a team? In the answer is yes, then it’s not just you and the public you need your insurance policies to cover. You have a legal obligation to protect your employees as well.

Worker’s Compensation insurance covers your business against claims and legal costs incurred from an injury suffered by an employee whilst working for you.

Although Workers Compensation is a compulsory form of insurance, our advisers can assist you in making sure we find the best option which suits your business needs.

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