Insurance for Farming and Rural

Rural life in Australia can throw multiple challenges your way; let us find the correct insurance policy that provides peace of mind and financial protection for you and your farm.

Insurance for farms and rural

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to farming and rural insurance. You want to protect your rural property – whether that's buildings, machinery, livestock or even crops. What about when your product has left the farm? How about the movement of goods or product recall cover?

Every farm has its own unique conditions and requirements, and our expert team of advisors can help find a tailored insurance policy to suit you.

What insurance do farms commonly need?

Farm Insurance Package

Ensure your farm and livelihood is protected by selecting comprehensive cover through a farm insurance package. Cover all your bases with a combined package that can include cover for Homestead, Farm Property, Theft, Farm Liability, Machinery Breakdown and Fencing.


Cover for your home and its contents.

Farm Property

This can cover your farm buildings (sheds, containers, etc.) and other property including water tanks, livestock and grain.


This option can protect against theft of your farm machinery, equipment and livestock.

Farm Liability

This provides you with cover in the event of personal injury or property damage to a third party – including emergency first aid, compensation claims and legal fees.

Machinery Breakdown

This cover relates to the breakdown of farm machinery, water pumps and storage including the deterioration of produce.


Insure your fencing against any damage that occurs.

Farm Motor Vehicles

Don’t let theft or damage to your vehicles put a stop to your farming operation. Opt for Farm Motor cover that can protect a range of vehicles including utes, 4WDs, tractors and other farm machinery. Whether your vehicle is stolen, involved in an accident or causes damage to others, you’ll be covered and limit the interruption to your farming activities.

Get covered

Get covered

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