Directors and Officers Protection Insurance

As a company director or officer, you want to be able to focus on your job with the assurance that you and your assets are protected from potential liability claims. Let our team of advisors give you that peace of mind by finding you a quality insurance policy.

What is Directors and Officers Protection Insurance?

Most companies must adhere to specific regulations and often come under intense scrutiny to ensure they are doing so. If you’re a company director or officer, you are therefore under pressure to carry out your responsibilities and duties in a precise manner.

In these governing roles, the list of obligations is endless. Exercising due care and diligence, complying with regulations, and avoiding conflict of interest all fall under the responsibility of the company leader. Even business decisions made in good faith can backfire.

Failure to meet these obligations or making the wrong decision could mean you find yourself personally liable.

This could not only cost you your position, but you could also incur compensation costs, fines and be responsible for the demise of the business. Even if you are eventually found to be not at fault, the cost of defending yourself can be substantial.

Do I need Directors and Officers Protection?

Any business with a corporate board or committee should invest in Directors and Officers insurance, including not-for-profit organisations. It doesn’t matter whether your company has a turnover of ten thousand dollars or ten million dollars. Any director or officer, whether in a full-time, part-time or honorary capacity, can face a personal liability claim.

A claim could come from various sources including employees, customers, competitors or perhaps the company itself. 

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What can Directors and Officers Protection Insurance cover?

Provides cover for claims against directors and officers for any actual or alleged wrongful act in the performance of their duty

Legal costs

Covers the cost of defence against a claim and fines associated with breaching Occupational Health and Safety Laws.

Loss of income

Cover to the insured for any loss as a result of a wrongful act.

Coverage is usually for past, present and future directors and officers of a company.

What is not typically covered?


Costs will not be covered if it is found that the director or officer engaged in fraudulent practices.

Pending or prior Litigation

Any legal action that is pending, any known circumstance that may give arise to a claim.

Bodily Injury/Property Damage

This must be covered separately under a Public Liability or Employers Liability policy.

Criminal Prosecution

Costs will not be covered if the director or officer is prosecuted.

How we get the right cover for your business

We are committed to providing expert and personalised advice to a diverse range of Territory businesses. What level of cover you need for your unique business depends on a number of factors. We take the time to discuss these with you to find the perfect insurance policy that fits. This can include:

  1. What are your obligations in your role as Director/Officer and what are the associated risks?
  2.  Does your industry body set a minimum standard for cover?
  3. What potential risks, and level of risks, could your particular business be exposed to? 
Directors and Officers Protection Insurance