Insurance Services Darwin

Our core business is protecting small and medium-sized Northern Territory businesses. Learn why using an adviser is the smart business decision, and how our partnerships and buying power will protect your business.

How does business insurance work?

Getting tailored advice for your business is crucial because commercial insurance is completely different to personal insurance. In a home insurance policy, for example, the main things (fire, flood, burglary) are included as standard.

Business insurance, on the other hand, starts with nothing. It’s just a shell, and you build your own cover by adding the ‘sections’ you need.

Choosing the right insurance

But what if you don’t know what you need? What if the content of these ‘sections’—which is worded differently from insurer to insurer—doesn’t make sense to you?

That’s the case for many Territory businesses, and it’s why buying business insurance directly with an insurer or online without getting personal advice is asking for big trouble.

Why an adviser is right for your business

Aggregator websites and other online insurers need you to tell them how to build your policy. They’ll never volunteer personal advice because they’re not legally allowed to give it.

As your adviser, we’re here to give you personal, tailored advice for your business. We will work with you to build the broadest cover possible at the most affordable price for you.

Our buying power

IRS is a corporate authorised representative of Insurance Advisernet Australia, which is a member of the publicly listed Austbrokers Group that manages some $1.6 billion of general insurance premiums. We’re also a member of NIBA (the National Insurance Brokers Association).

That means that while we’re Territorians, we are part of something much bigger and have access to an incredible range of insurance products and services.

Our international connections with Lloyd’s of London and other international marketplaces mean we can help clients with the most complex insurance needs.

Insurance Services Darwin

Our risk management services

Claims service

This is an important part of what we offer at IRS. We handle all claims ourselves: if you need to claim, you come to us and we deal with the insurer. We’re not just a post office box.

We help you gather all the necessary paperwork and present the claim to the insurance company clearly and succinctly.

Employer advocacy service

Our employer advocacy service is one of a kind. For many family-owned Territory businesses, when a staff member is injured, it dramatically impacts the whole business. And many business owners aren’t aware that even though they’re paying the insurance premium, it’s the injured worker the insurer focusses on, not the employer.

Problems can happen when an injured worker’s return to work is delayed and the insurance company tells the business owner that the worker is ready to return to work on ‘modified duties’. If you’re a large employer, that’s often not a problem.

But most small Territory businesses fall into the trap of creating a role for the injured worker without realising that, in the long term, this person may never be able to return to doing what they used to do. This is where businesses can get trapped.

We advocate for employers in these cases by talking with the insurance company and rehab providers to get everyone on the same page so that the worker and the business both have the best outcome.

Our products and services

  • General insurance
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Business insurance
  • Public liability
  • Professional liability/indemnity
  • Management liability
  • Accident and injury
  • Corporate travel
  • Commercial motor vehicle
  • Mobile machinery
  • Commercial hull
  • Annual cargo – goods in transit (local and overseas)
  • Commercial hull
  • Aviation
  • Engineering.

Why partner with us

Our commitment to Territory business means our service is always tailored to you, your business and providing the right cover. 

You’ll get a tailored risk solution for your business

With an online or aggregator product, it’s likely you’ll be over-insured, underinsured or not insured at all in some areas. That means you’ll either be paying too much or when you need to claim, you won’t be covered.

You know that we know the PDS—inside out

We actually read the product disclosure statement (PDS). We know what’s in it and what’s covered. We apply all that knowledge to every client we work with.

You’re dealing with highly experienced, local people

With Insurance Risk Solutions, you deal with us. You’ll have Brett and Jo’s decades of combined experience.